Saturday, May 21, 2011

katie couric legs pictures

katie couric legs pictures. The Failure of Katie Couric As
  • The Failure of Katie Couric As

  • Jason Beck
    Apr 12, 05:58 AM

    katie couric legs pictures. and Katie Couric doesn#39;t
  • and Katie Couric doesn#39;t

  • dethmaShine
    Apr 16, 06:22 AM
    Ah. You mean similar as to how Apple purchased NeXT and based OS X on their NeXTSTEP OS?

    Give it up. This has been discussed to death already.

    See above.

    You really think OS X is just a rip off NeXTSTEP?

    As you said its based and a lot of things were shared but it isn't like they said; here's OSX, NeXTSTEP build by Apple.

    OSX shares a lot from the opensource community; so does windows;, Android, Symbian, etc etc.

    What's the big deal?

    katie couric legs pictures. about Katie Couric Legs
  • about Katie Couric Legs

  • notjustjay
    Mar 31, 11:58 AM
    Someone mentioned the Windows 3.1 calendar?

    katie couric legs pictures. to see Katie Couric -- the
  • to see Katie Couric -- the

  • Full of Win
    Apr 22, 12:30 AM
    I really have no idea why apple opened this can of worms.

    Because when you think you are better than every one else, logic tends to go out the door.


    katie couric legs pictures. Christi Paul legs and
  • Christi Paul legs and

  • Zonz
    Dec 31, 01:05 AM
    Since when did a persons lifestyle choice become everyone else's business? Jesus, I didn't realize being fat was such an ethical decision... :rolleyes:

    And to actually bring in healthcare and politics into this? Seriously? Then you guys should:

    1) stop smoking cigarettes,
    2) stop eating fast food,
    3) stop sitting on your ass typing on mac rumors (maybe go for a run?)
    4) avoid ever single carcinogen on the planet, like say, the sun (UV radiation?)...
    5) stop driving cars, or doing anything that involves fast or dangerous movement, like say sports?
    6) be the perfect most healthy person ever...

    ...because it's my problem. I'm paying for it in my taxes. HOW COULD YOU BE SO SELFISH!?

    This is her choice. It effects her and her family, not you. I forgot how God declared that fat people go straight to hell, because being fat is so evil...

    katie couric legs pictures. When Katie Couric became the
  • When Katie Couric became the

  • jcrMBP
    Sep 30, 07:52 AM
    AT&T has a problem. I've been a customer for many years. Most of my family are AT&T customers. We all live in different parts of the country and we all experience the same problems. Very frequent, way too frequent, dropped calls. I know the naysayers and apologists here say to give AT&T a break. They are experiencing growing pains. Here's what I have to say.

    First of all, my iPhone is a Phone! I expect the phone part of the iPhone to work above all else. It's nice to have the apps but I expect the phone to work 100% of the time. That's what I'm paying for. If AT&T needs to figure out a way to throttle down the data then that's what they need to do during peak usage. Phone calls should be the priority for a phone! I still have a Gen 1 iPhone and will not upgrade until AT&T resolves their problems. When I get tired of waiting for that to happen and my iPhone dies, I'll switch phones and networks.


    katie couric legs pictures. Katie Couric reportedly has
  • Katie Couric reportedly has

  • SuperCachetes
    Dec 31, 08:36 AM
    And to actually bring in healthcare and politics into this? Seriously?

    I forgot how God declared that fat people go straight to hell, because being fat is so evil...

    ...And you bring religion into it? Seriously? :rolleyes:

    Anyway, to say that healthcare doesn't enter into the situation of someone that large is denial, plain and simple. You really shouldn't jump into such deep waters so ill-equipped, my friend. My original post and Knight's reply to yours already explain why this is a issue that affects more than just her.

    This is her choice.

    It sure is. I've never said otherwise. She can eat until she bursts for all I care. But there is a pretty big chasm between being selfish, and not wanting to pay for someone else's self-inflicted stupidity. Though I guess she's backed out of the plan anyway, cleaning up the hot biological mess of someone purposely trying to be "the world's fattest person" should happen on her dime, not mine.

    katie couric legs pictures. Katie Couric Leaving #39;CBS
  • Katie Couric Leaving #39;CBS

  • lilo777
    May 4, 06:22 PM
    I just did.
    Ordered the white iphone 4...ships in a few days.

    And when the iPhone 5 comes out, i'll buy that in a year or so too.

    And what will you do if Apple releases iPhone in, say, seven colors?


    katie couric legs pictures. Katie Couric News anchor - USA
  • Katie Couric News anchor - USA

  • Doctor Q
    Jul 24, 03:28 PM
    My (wired) Mighty Mouse has been a mixed blessing. I really like the scroll ball when it's not sticking, and I miss that feature when I'm using my otherwise great Macally iOptinet mouse. But when the Mighty Mouse sticks, which it does occasionally, it's definitely a lot less Mighty.

    I wouldn't buy another one unless Apple claimed changes had been made to address this.

    katie couric legs pictures. youtube katie couric
  • youtube katie couric

  • bartszyszka
    Apr 13, 02:25 PM
    It would be interesting if they provided the parts to other manufacturers for "comes with Apple tv" TVs. The only time they've done something like that though is the Motorola ROKR with iTunes built in and that didn't work out very well at all.

    I can't imagine them selling an Apple-branded TV unless they decide to integrate Apple TVs into the cinema displays? But it seems like most people are buying 40-60" TVs these days and Apple only sells 27" displays now.


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  • Katie Couric Hairstyles

  • 100Teraflops
    Apr 5, 06:32 PM
    This my favorite lamp. It has been in my family for 30+ years. I have taken dozens of photos of this lamp. I used vignette to focus on the lamp and the colorful display on the wall.

    Specs: Canon 60d, iso 320, shutter speed 1/50, 0EV, 30mm, f/4, and lens EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

    katie couric legs pictures. I revisit the Katie Couric
  • I revisit the Katie Couric

  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 28, 05:10 PM
    Apple actually NEVER tells case manufacturers when there's going to be updated/changed specifications, so case manufacturers never know. Case in point...the Verizon iPhone and it's change. Not one case manufacturer knew before hand. And the manufacturers that this hurts the most are the smaller, more custom/high end case manufacturers, like all of the CNC guys. Just creates more setup for them, and a headache to run pieces at yet another dimension. I have quite a few friends in this line of work, and I know how they hated the unannounced change in specs to the Verizon model.

    So what are the stories on this site about cases for upcoming products? Are manufacturers gambling on leaked information? I'm just asking; not being sarcastic.

    In this case I think Apple would as they provided bumpers themselves for the antenna issue. I believe they would want properly fitting bumpers for this version.

    Anyway I think the size is still the same. The current cases should go on like white on rice.


    katie couric legs pictures. Katie Couric Delivers a
  • Katie Couric Delivers a

  • AlphaBob
    Jan 30, 03:05 PM
    Liberal banter = common sense and simple logic for the intelligent.... I am betting on Gold to hit at least 1500.00 in the next coming months and then upwards to the 2000.00 range.

    I had an engineering friend that did exactly that in the early 1980s. He sold his house and all of his investments, and purchased gold. At the time it was trading right around $900/oz. Needless to say his expectation of the demise of the US Economy and upswing in gold value didn't pan out in the long term.

    I saw him at a party over the holidays this past year and asked if he was excited to finally be near the break-even point again. He was not amused.

    Gold goes up because of investor fears about market uncertainty and global uncertainty (and the bulk of global uncertainty is driven by US geopolitical actions). When the predicted global calamity doesn't happen, the price of gold declines again. Since we have been fortunate enough to be unable to test what happens after a global calamity, we can't be certain what will happen to the price of gold then. My guess is it will be worth slightly more than paper, and less than a loaf of bread.

    katie couric legs pictures. CBS News anchor Katie Couric
  • CBS News anchor Katie Couric

  • Mistrblank
    Mar 31, 10:34 AM
    I prefer the clean look of the current versions as well. It would be nice if Apple would actually implement a system with unified look.

    The iPad and iOS get away with it because you have one window at full screen to look at. With a computer, I want my components to look alike and behave alike as they sit side by side.

    If you're going to add this crappy eye-candy, at the very least give us the ability to reskin all of it.


    katie couric legs pictures. do a Katie Couric on you.
  • do a Katie Couric on you.

  • Cruzer442
    Apr 12, 11:48 AM
    Oh yeah, it's all about the software cuz the hardware has reached it's peak :rolleyes:

    Hardware wish list
    "4" inch Super AMOLED 960x640 screen with full RGB subpixels

    4G/LTE Antenna

    Proximity Sensor and Antenna Fix

    Anti-Glare Matte Gorilla Glass (This is why...

    Xenon flash to improve low light performance of the camera

    Liquidmetal (New tech purchased by Apple that would allow for lighter, thinner, stronger, cheaper material),

    HD/FM Radio Tuner/Receiver and Transmitter -

    Bigger Camera Lens and possibly a CCD sensor to allow better low light performance,

    Even Better Cameras (8MP, 1080P Video etc) featuring options such as ISO and night vision mode.

    Bigger Battery

    IR remote functionality to integrate it with other devices, such as Apple TV and Google TV, use it as a universal remote controller, play games on your TV and use you iPod/iPhone as a controller, as a trackpad mouse or a 10/Gui Keyboard and such

    Dual speakers with the ability to emulate 3D surround sound as well as a higher volume and vibrate (the current max volume and max vibrate are way too low)

    Dedicated Camera Button - This will let users take photos quickly, and would also allow them to take self portraits with far more ease. It currently takes way too long to snap a quick picture.

    More efficient Bluetooth 4.0 with file sharing and either Lightpeak or USB 3.0 for faster syncing/charging,

    Either remove the home button entirely and switch to a three/four finger pinch in gesture to exit apps or add a LED Notification Light under the home button (preferably multicolored),

    Inductive Charging like Palm Pre and if viable touch sensitive back for gestures and gaming functions, a Solar panel to extend battery life, or even a 3D Screen akin to the Nintendo 3DS.

    RFID aka. Near Field Communication to let us use it as a credit card, pay toll machines, to let employers use it as an id badge etc. RFID is a really cool tech. I'm sure app developers, given the api, could think of much cooler ways to use it as well."

    katie couric legs pictures. CBS#39; Katie Couric
  • CBS#39; Katie Couric

  • notjustjay
    Mar 31, 10:53 AM
    So how about a to-do list, hey Apple?


    katie couric legs pictures. version of Katie Couric
  • version of Katie Couric

  • kbmb
    Apr 28, 09:52 AM
    Anyone else find these stories on market share to be completely boring?!?

    Can MacRumors setup a Page 3 section to put these on and keep the interesting rumors on the first page (new Macs, new iOS, etc)?

    Until Apple announces they are stopping production of the iPhone due to low sales.....I don't care who sells the most. :rolleyes:


    katie couric legs pictures. Katie Couric Makes It
  • Katie Couric Makes It

  • bedifferent
    Apr 12, 08:06 PM
    Because it uses mDP for the connection. It would be confusing to users to have a data only port that looks like their video port (of course this really only affect Macs since most PC's come with DVI/HDMI...)

    So aesthetics is the issue. Interesting. Well, I suppose recognizing the label to differentiate between the mini-DisplayPort and ThunderBolt ports would be a good step (a lot of people often mis-guess the USB connection). I realize it's a in a format similar to the mini-DisplayPort, however could this change? Either way, if that's their excuse it seems fairly thin.

    katie couric legs pictures. Katie Couric#39;s expected move
  • Katie Couric#39;s expected move

  • Intell
    Apr 26, 04:26 PM
    chrmjenkis awoke with a start. A foul stench filled his nose. He looked around at something that was akin to garbage compactor 3263827. Sadly it was lacking Lois dressed as a princess. "What is that smell?" he asked appleguy312. Appleguy213 was walking around flipped switches and spinning a wheel. "What you smell is the fetid remains of the wolves past destructions. Quickly, grab your towel."

    "Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!" announced a local PA system speaker. "What did they say?" asked a confused chrmjenkins.

    "Come here." said appleguy123 as he grabbed chrmjenkins head and proceeded to cram a German speaking fish into his ear. Instantly the "blahs" became words. "There are intruders in the wash room!" the voice said. At which point a bunch of wolves ran in a took appleguy321 and chrmjenkins to the bridge.

    "Welcome, I'm captain Bicardi and I'm going to play you some flute music." He then proceeded to play Queen. appleguy132, having no desire to hear such a multination of good music, broke free of the double sided sticky tape holding him down and tackled the Number 2 Worf. Plutonius, the only human on the bridge, stepped forward to detain appleguy231. But instead he got a swift punt to the head and stopped living.

    chrmjenkins and appleguy321 both where gassed and removed from the bridge.

    Plutonius was just a villager. Specials send me your PMs. You have 24 hours. If I get all PMs before 24 hours, the night will be cut short.

    Oct 19, 02:25 PM
    ... try bringing a white MacBook ... into a corporate office meeting...
    I brought my wife's white MB into work last week to test out our webapps on a Mac (because the cheap b'staards won't even pay $600 for the cheapest Mini) and I got a lot of interest from the rest of the developers ("What? They got you a Mac? How'd you manage that?) - 95% of whom are males in their 20s and 30s.

    Apr 14, 02:45 AM
    iPad running Mac OS 9! Just what I always wanted!

    Jun 6, 05:49 AM
    My brother has a android phone (:mad:) and if he buys an app from the android market and doesn't like it he can get a refund and it is deleted. I think it is in a 15 minute time gap.

    However this would be a nice feature to the apple app store.

    Jan 31, 07:03 PM
    What what....

    BAHAHAHA I say what what, in ma butt :p

    Apr 28, 04:21 PM
    I held one earlier today and it felt .0001 oz. heavier. Perhaps it is just my super human ability to weigh things instantly that told me this....but still....:cool:

    Don't worry, Safari is .0078 nanoseconds snappier on it! ;)

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